website design


Your website is a vital part of your product, service and corporate identity.  Accessibility by prospects, clients, and vendors is critical in this internet portal.

website navigation.png


The information presented on your website must have an obviously simple hierarchy, directing site visitors with clearly categorized information and thoughtfully placed links. Visitors often make their decision to stay on your site or to leave within 2-3 seconds.



Information about the products and services your business offers must be clear, concise and accurate.   Wording should reflect the attitude you want your business to project, such as 'friendly', 'reliable', 'traditional' or 'high-tech' as well as links for customer service and how to contact you.



There are many elements to consider when designing your website, including the use of color, photographs, graphic images, audio and layout.   One of the most important, however, is how well your site is organized and how easy it is for users to navigate.